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When it comes to fencing, you want something you know will be strong and reliable – and because you either want to keep something IN, or something OUT, it’s no good putting up a fence that’s easily breached, or will fall apart because of poor workmanship. You want fencing that is built tough & built to last.

At PLC Fencing, we aim to get it right the first time.

Get it rightAfter all, you don’t want to waste time and energy getting your fence reinstalled – and to be honest – neither do we. That’s why we use the latest state-of-the-art machinery on all our jobs to make sure you get only the best quality workmanship, which we back 100%.

Years of industry experience.

Our years of industry experience as professional fencing contractors have given us plenty of difficult fencing jobs to tackle – from brutally hard rock, to steep and irregular terrain – but with our ‘can do’ attitude, we’ve managed to find a solution for even the most challenging work sites. We’re pretty sure there’s nothing you can throw us as that we can’t handle, no matter how big or complex the job may be.
Years of Industry ExperienceWherever you are in Australia, if you need a large-scale or commercial fencing solution, we can get our team to you. You may also be surprised to find how competitive our pricing is. Our ongoing innovation with equipment and work processes allows us to offer reduced fencing costs to our customers, while still delivering quality results.

Safety is paramount.

Safety is paramountOn every job we perform a site-specific Job Safety Analysis and have an integrated WHS, Quality and Environmental system to ensure the safety of everyone on and around our worksites, to maintain stringent quality and to protect the environment. All of our machinery and equipment is fully insured and we hold Public & Product Liability Insurance up to $20 million.

Our motto is: “Nothing is impossible, and our solid work-ethic means we leave nothing half done.”

Need more information? 720-268-1776 or (678) 288-0013 and we’ll be happy to chat about all your fencing requirements.

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